Book Name: The Makioka Sisters(細雪)


"The Makioka Sisters" is a plain and elegant custom painting. This book describes the details of life, social features, folk customs and even clothing, food, etiquette in the Kansai region of Japan (especially Kyoto and Osaka), although It is lengthy but not lost. It is bland but clear, and it can be said that after reading this book, you can fully understand the local Japan at that time.

Seemingly an ordinary story, the details of the lives of the four aristocrats of aristocracy revealed the characteristics of the decline of aristocracy in Japan at that time.

Each of the four sisters has their own personality, whether it is the mature and childish older sister Tsuruko, or the big brother-in-law who loves to be face-saving, whether it is the second sister-in-law of mother like Sachiko, or the second brother-in-law who cares about everything, whether elegant The knowledgeable Yukiko is also an independent and special Taeko.

What happened to everyone was so bland but extraordinary. If this book is a story that happened in the Declining Family, it might as well be a story that happens in every family.

The book ends with Yukiko's marrying at the end. Yukiko's marriage runs through the book, and such things have happened that Yukiko never got married, which also fully reflects how the nobles at that time viewed the "face" problem.

Another thing is the Taeko incident. After an unmarried child and unfortunate death, the Taeko should settle down and live a good life! I have to say that Mr. Tanizaki was born "creating women", and described the lives of the four sisters very delicately, and the scenes were delicate and vivid.

Praise and admiration for the traditional Yukiko are eloquent, but Taeko, who is pursuing freedom and yearning for a new life, is blindly demeaning. This may be limited to the Japanese pattern and culture at the time! This book is a good book overall.


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