Book Name: Walden


I believe that anyone who has read "Walden Lake" will have a feeling that this prose work is very quiet. He is a book that can make people feel quiet inside.

No matter what kind of environment you are in, as long as you can read carefully and integrate into the environment written by the author, everything around you will disappear in your sight, and you will become very light, I feel like I'm in a paradise on earth, where I see Thoreau like a dervish, living alone in a place separate from the world, and living like a lonely person, in fact, for today's people It is a great thing to be willing to leave the city. It is absolutely impossible for them to go to live in a place separate from the world like Thoreau.

"Walden Lake" is a great work. It has an enlightening effect on human beings. It tells us that human beings should cherish everything in the world, respect any life, and of course include the piece around us Leaves or grass.


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